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“The Dark Knight”- Arguably the best movie ever made

Okay! So there’s an age old question of which is the best movie ever made in Hollywood ?  Everyone has a personal opinion, with their own reasons. Now, let me shed some light on my choice-The Dark Knight.

The biggest deception this movie pulled off is letting us  believe its a super hero flick. However, a film’s genre is defined by the widest spectrum of issues it covers, making TDK more than just a mind numbing action thriller. In my belief, the movie best falls under SOCIAL DRAMA. Yes ! no surprises here, because the movie depicts its protagonist as a ‘symbol’ and not just flesh and blood, who throws himself to stop people getting killed. He takes the fall for the crimes to avert people in losing hope from their WHITE KNIGHT-Harvey Dent.

2 facesIn a sense Nolan portrayed our society in the most apt way anybody ever could on the silver screen through Joker’s craziness. One perfect example for this can be found in another legendary tabloid universe – Breaking Bad. If you observe, Walter White’s life map can be effectively plotted using Jokers words of wisdom: “They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you – when the chips are down, these, ah, “civilized people”? They’ll eat each other.” Which is exactly how Gilligan depicted, Walter “the good guy” White’s descent to malevolent,  though awesome – Heisenberg. The way he tries to do everything rightful before the cancer; to killing innumerable people (including poor Gale Boetticher) to save his own ass.  As a matter of fact, Joker would be very proud of Heisenberg because he didn’t disappoint, he  did Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything became chaos.

If you are a movie buff, you’ll agree with me that there are very few movies that beat the dark knight in terms of worthy  dialogues. I presume The Pulp fiction and The Godfather may be the only ones within the vicinity of TDK’s greatness in that matter. I mean, even now after several re runs I get chills when Gordon explains his son why the police is hunting for batman. And practically everything that comes out of Joker’s mouth, in the movie is a cinematic gem.  The whole interrogation scene and Joker’s escape from the MCU by provoking a cop, is so riveting that it’s impossible to resist watching it again and again

Coming to Screenplay, this is where it gets tricky, to a laymen there seems nothing special, but following a little assertion that whatever Joker says is pure BS, we can predict the future in the movie, like when he makes Mike Engel say “But the bridge and tunnel crowd are sure in for a surprise.” They shouldn’t have taken the alternative transport- Ferries !! Followed by swapping hostage addresses of Rachel and Harvey, lying to Dent about being a guy without a plan and making several utter non sense stories about how he got his scars. Not just Joker, we see Bruce Wayne getting ready forehand for chaos too when he reassigns the R & D Government telecommunications project and doesn’t disclose his plans to Fox saying ” I am playing this one pretty close to the chest ” obviously because Fox would disagree to be a part of the whole charade Wayne does with the project by applying his sonar concept to every cell phone in the city to image all of Gotham.

There isn’t any aspect where TDK is not sublime, we all know Nolan comes up with insanely stunning  ideas, let it be Memento, Inception or The Prestige; where the plot doesn’t follow a rhythmic timeline, confusing the audiences with past and present, giving every watcher a cinematic orgasm during movie’s “climax”. Conversely, TDK follows a non oscillatory theme with ordered events, yet its equally compelling to its contemporaries. Some say, Inception is Nolan’s best work till date. I respectfully disagree. Inception had a magnificent plot with superb effects, layered concept and a genius red herring ending . But TDK has both heart and intellect, with superior story line as well as deeper characters it unanimously beats Inception in every facet of film making.

Every scene in TDK oozes Nolan’s Directional brilliance. For instance when Bruce Wayne isn’t jumping bridges in his bat-mobile, we see him driving a Lamborghini Murcielago which is Spanish for “Bat”. Figuratively, making his Lambo a bat-mobile in disguise! Also, when Batman sacrifices his image for the greater good and says to Gordon “…because sometimes, truth isn’t good enough…” We see Alfred burning Rachel’s letter. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone eh?

Congenially Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker is the major reason for the film’s success. Apparently, he locked himself for several months in a hotel room where he maintained a diary, role playing as a mass murderer, psychopathic clown, experimenting with voices which led to the iconic “Joker’s laugh”. Also, he was the brain behind the Joker’s sinister make up. The personal quirks he added to the movie such as the sardonic clap when Gordon is promoted as commissioner , the hysterical reaction to delayed boom of explosives, hanging his head out of the police car, or repeated wicked tongue flip; just act as chocolate sprinklers on an ice cream.

Needless to say, the background score blends perfectly  with the cinematography making it a complete package of full on Entertainment! It’s very common that a comic book adapted movie fails to impress most of its geek fans, but TDK hit a home run here as well. In fact the movie made more bat-fans than the comics or the cartoon ever could.

TDK is the TAJ MAHAL of all the movies. Its colossal, perfect , and built with extreme artistic details. The movie turned out to be billion dollar baby. But, it’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message. Such a shame that the Academy awards jury went full retard to not even consider it in best film’s nominations. It’s the first movie ever to be in the IMDB top 250 at #1 within just 2 days. Imagine that for a box office opening. And currently it stands at #4, only behind The Shawshank redemption, & The Godfather part I & II. To be candid, if it wasn’t the bat-fan in me, I would rate Godfather I over anything. But fortunately I am an ardent Bat-geek, and in no way could I give my #1 position to any other movie.

Batman took tabloid popularity with Adam West in the lead, which seemed cool, considering it was the 60’s then came the Tim Burton’s dualogy with Michael Keaton, again, it was cool, but nothing great apart from Jack Nicholson as Joker. Followed by two disaster movies which you wouldn’t watch even if you were given  thousands of Dollars. Even talking about them seems lame to me. So in a way Batman Begins revived Batman from an abyss. The movie acted as perfect base for The Dark Knight.

Picture  the trilogy, as sandwich, where Begins and Rises are the Bread crust and TDK is the stuffing, without it there’s no point in having the sandwich.  The other two movies act as perfect introduction and closure to the epic filling that TDK is. Though it would be unfair to just see these movies as entrance and getaway to The Dark Knight, because they are awesome independently. But the greatness of this movie does overshadows its prequel and sequel. Quite similar to the Star Wars the original trilogy, where Empire strikes back kicked ass more than the other two combined!

The dark knight trilogy in my view has to be the greatest, though The Lord of the rings gives it a run for its money; one does not simply beat The Dark Knight in turns of epicness!! It gave us the best Batman-Christian Bale who justified the role effortlessly. I say Bale is to Batman what RDJ is to Iron man. I am actually both curious and nervous about how Ben Afleck would pull off the presumed middle aged caped crusader.

Though few might mock bale, saying he did his bat-voice by gargling marbles, I personally found it pretty awesome. And lets not deny it! we all tried imitating his  tone at least one time. Yet, Bale received all the accolades he deserved from the audience & critics as well. But we all forget to mention how classic, Alfred Pennyworth was portrayed by Sir Micheal Caine. His finesse and warm sense of humor made us all, respect and love the character. Not to forget Commissioner Gordon- our own Sirius black with mustache. TDK had just the perfect blend of actors, script & Nolan’s magic  to come out as a perfect block buster recipe.

It would certainly take many years in Hollywood to replicate such phenomenon. If you could get high on movies, then The Dark Knight would definitely be Heisenberg’s blue stuff !!

So what do you guys think ? Is TDK the best ever ? if not, what would your choice be ?