Why Sharapova not knowing Sachin isn’t a big deal !

Agree or not, this was the most bland Wimbledon tournament of the decade. Probably because, it got overshadowed by a kick-ass FIFA world cup. The sports media along with other audiences were negligent towards whats going on the court converse to the attention grabbing events in Brazil. Also, the most conspicuous affair out of the whole Wimbledon tour was not Djokovic’s win over Federer to score his sixth grand slam title. But, surprisingly it was the denial of Maria Sharapova’s knowledge on the cricketing God Sachin Tendulkar. The master’s fans took the social media by storm; posting Sachin’s stats and credits on her facebook and twitter page whilst demanding an apology. Now the question arises : Is this reaction justified ? Any person in his right mind would shout out “NO!! ” First reason being her nativity , Sharapova is a Russian and trains in the U.S where cricket is hardly recognized.  Although she travels a lot, it doesn’t validate her compulsion to have knowledge regarding other sports. Furthermore, I highly doubt whether even other sportsperson from different field hardly know the abc’s of cricket let alone know about its players. And yes, Roger Federer knows about our Cricketing God, so does CR7 and President Obama. But, be that as it may, it doesn’t warrant the barbaric all out assault on her to forcibly address a public apology.

Not to forget the major irony behind this onslaught, which is,  how well do Sachinists know about our other heroes ? Though they might not be in a Indo-popular sport such as cricket but their contribution to their respective fields is quite analogous to Sachin’s in cricket. What grinds my gears is that it doesn’t just stop at the onset, later comes the mockery- calling her ” Alia Bhatt of Russia ” or comparing the number of likes on their respective fb pages, completely ignoring the fact that India is a nation with a population exceeding a billion. What these blind folded fans do not understand is, this onset makes no difference in either Sharapova or Sachin’s popularity. The only element losing its integrity globally is the logic of an Indian layman.

I myself am a Sachin fan, how could I not be? I am an Indian. Despite this it doesn’t mean a squat to me what Sharapova thinks of my idol. I respect her in the field she’s in and do not reckon her to be under any obligation to know someone that doesn’t effect her in any aspect. I expect my fellow country people to treat her with such dignity as well.

So what’s your take on this whole controversy ? Answer the poll. and share your views in the comments.


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